Prof. Kamal Z, University Malaysia Pahang, Malaysia

Prof  Kamal  obtained  his  BSc  in  EE  from  Worcester  Polytechnic  Institute,  USA  in  1992,  MSc  in Software  Engineering  from  Universiti  Teknologi  Malaysia  in  2000,  and  PhD  in  Software  Engineering from  the  University  of  Newcastle  upon  Tyne,  UK  in  2003.  Hespecializes   in  the  design  and implementation  of  meta-heuristic/hyper-heuristic  algorithms  to  solve  optimization  problems  related  to software  engineering  /  software  testing  (i.e.  Search  based  Software  Engineering).  Certified  ISTQB Testers  (CTFL  and  CTAL), he  has  published  over  350  articles  related  to  his  field  of  researchand graduated more than 15 PhD graduates to date. 

Prof. Jingyang Wang, Hebei University of Science and Technology

Jingyang  Wang  is  a  professorofSchool  of  Information  Science  and  Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang Hebei, China. He wasborn in 1971.  He  received  the  B.Eng.  degree  in  computer  software  from  Lanzhou  University, China,  in  1995.  He  received  the  M.Sc.  degree  in  software  engineering  from  Beijing University  of  Technology,  China,  in  2007.  His  main  research  areas  include  distributed computing,natural  language processing, machine learning.He  has published around 40 papers in journals and conferences.